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"Biodegradable plastic bags" is really environmentally friendly?

First of all, only when the plastic bag can eventually become water and carbon dioxide, is truly environmentally friendly bags.
The so-called "environmentally friendly" plastic bags on the market, there are mainly these: biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags, compostable plastic bags.
Degradable plastic bags
The polymers in plastic bags are partially or completely damaged due to UV radiation, oxidative corrosion, and biological corrosion. This means changes in properties such as discoloration, surface cracking and fragmentation.
Biodegradable Bags
Biochemical process of complete or partial conversion of organic matter in plastic bags into water, carbon dioxide/methane, energy and new biomass by the action of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).
All biodegradable bags
Made of corn starch, a natural material that naturally degrades in the environment within 90 days. The speed of degradation is affected by the humidity of the environment, the more humid the environment, the faster the degradation will be completed, and the dry environment will slow down the degree of degradation. But ultimately will be 100% decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.
From the above three points of view, if the plastic bag is biodegradable, compostable, fully biodegradable and eventually converted to water and carbon dioxide due to biodegradation, disappearing from the environment, to achieve the real "environmental protection" effect!
biodegradable plastic grocery bags