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How long does it take for garbage bags to degrade?

As for the degradation time of garbage bags, we need to make sure that we are using degradable garbage bags. If we are only using ordinary PE garbage bags, it may not be degradable for 500 years. A university experiment shows that some degradable garbage bags can be buried in the soil for three years, and can be taken out to hold things.
Therefore, it is necessary for us to determine whether we are using fully biodegradable garbage bags.
biodegradable trash bags
What are all biodegradable garbage bags?
According to the source of biodegradable raw materials, all biodegradable garbage bags can be divided into bio based biodegradable garbage bags and petrochemical based biodegradable garbage bags.
The raw materials for the production of bio based biodegradable garbage bags are generally directly processed from natural materials. In the current market, the polymer raw materials, which are produced by the use of biodegradable raw materials produced by natural polymers and the joint participation of microbial fermentation and chemical synthesis, are called starch based or polylactic acid.
The raw materials for the production of petrochemical based biodegradable garbage bags are obtained from the polymerization of petrochemical monomers by chemical synthesis, such as PBAT.
It should be noted that the degradation of each kind of biodegradable garbage bag needs certain environmental conditions. If the degradation conditions are not good, or do not have the degradation conditions, they will degrade very slowly, and not every kind of biodegradable garbage bag can degrade rapidly under any environmental conditions.
Therefore, to treat biodegradable garbage bags, we should consider the environmental conditions, and then analyze the structure of the materials to determine whether they can be degraded. If the raw materials and degradation environment are satisfied and buried in the natural environment, the degradation cycle of all biodegradable garbage bags is 180 days. If it is in seawater, the water temperature is suitable, and it can be degraded in 30 to 60 days.