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What is degradable plastics?

Degradable plastics refer to a kind of plastics whose properties can meet the use requirements, whose properties remain unchanged during the storage period, and can be degraded into environmentally friendly substances in the natural environment after use. Therefore, it is also known as environmentally degradable plastics. Now there are a variety of new plastics: photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, photo oxidative biodegradable plastics, carbon dioxide based biodegradable plastics, thermoplastic starch resin degradable plastics. Degradation principle The degradation process of environmental degradable plastics mainly involves biodegradation, photodegradation and chemical degradation. These three main degradation processes have synergistic, synergistic and coherent effects on each other. For example, photodegradation and oxide degradation often occur simultaneously and promote each other; biodegradation is more likely to occur after photodegradation. Main uses There are two main uses of degradable plastics One is the field where ordinary plastics were used. In these areas, it is difficult to collect the used or consumed plastic products, which will cause harm to the environment, such as agricultural plastic film and disposable plastic packaging, The second is to replace other materials with plastics. In these areas, the use of degradable plastics can bring convenience, such as golf course ball nails, tropical rainforest afforestation seedling fixation materials. Specific applications are as follows: 1. Agriculture, forestry and fishery, plastic film, water retaining material, seedling bowl, seedbed, rope net, pesticide and fertilizer slow release material. 2. Packaging industry, shopping bags, garbage bags, compost bags, disposable lunch boxes, instant noodles bowls, cushioning packaging materials 3. Sporting goods, golf course studs and tee 4. Sanitary products, women's sanitary products, baby diapers, medical mattresses, disposable Hu Dao. 5. Medical materials, bandages, clips, swabs, gloves, drug delivery materials, surgical sutures and fracture fixation materials