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Problems that can be solved by degradable plastic bags

degradable plastic bags
Degradable plastic packaging bag is a kind of packaging bag made of biodegradable plastic granular materials, which can be used for product or food packaging. The difference between degradable plastic bags and ordinary plastic bags is that after being discarded, degradable plastic bags can be degraded by microorganisms in nature under natural or composting conditions, and finally converted into carbon dioxide and water. However, ordinary plastic bags are not degradable, or it takes about 500 years to degrade, which is harmful to the environment.
The fully biodegradable plastic granular material developed by worldchamp technology adopts the technology route of renewable plant-based material polymerization, and successfully produces the fully biodegradable plastic granular material through the self-developed domestic industrial equipment. According to various test indexes, the products made of this material basically achieve various physical and mechanical properties of ordinary plastics, and can be completely recycled Replacing ordinary plastics is more environmentally friendly and safer than ordinary plastics.
The development of degradable products is the trend of the times. Traditional plastic products will be replaced by degradable products. The all biodegradable plastic granular material developed by worldchamp technology has passed multiple tests and has been certified by various industries, which is absolutely the first step of "raw material transformation" of traditional plastic production enterprises