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What is degradable plastic bag?

It is a plastic bag made of degradable plastic
1、 Degradable plastics:
Degradable plastic is a kind of plastic which can be easily degraded in the natural environment after adding certain amount of additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizer, biodegradable agent, etc.) in the production process to reduce its stability.
2、 Classification:
Degradable plastics are generally divided into four categories:
1. Photodegradable plastics
The photosensitizer is added into the plastic to make the plastic decompose gradually in sunlight. It belongs to the earlier generation of degradable plastics, and its disadvantage is that the degradation time is difficult to predict due to sunshine and climate change, so the degradation time cannot be controlled.
2. Biodegradable plastics
Plastics that can be completely decomposed into low molecular compounds under the action of microorganisms. It is characterized by convenient storage and transportation, as long as it is kept dry and does not need to avoid light, and has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used in agricultural plastic film and packaging bags, but also widely used in the field of medicine. With the development of modern biotechnology, more and more attention has been paid to biodegradable plastics, which has become a new generation of hot research and development.
3. Photo / biodegradable plastics
It is a kind of plastics with the combination of photodegradation and microorganism, which has the characteristics of photodegradation and microorganism at the same time.
4. Water degradable plastics
It is mainly used in medical and health appliances (such as medical gloves), easy to destroy and disinfect.
3、 Introduction:
The results showed that most degradable plastics began to thin, lose weight, decrease strength and break into pieces after exposure to general environment for 3 months. If these fragments are buried in garbage or soil, the degradation effect is not obvious.
Extended information
What problems will "degradable plastics" bring
Despite the problems of materials, there is no general industrial composting industry in China, and the waste classification and recycling system is not working well.
Promoting the use of "degradable plastics" may bring new "white pollution". The publicity of "degradable plastics" will easily mislead the public into thinking that it is a kind of material that "can disappear without treatment".
Back to the most fundamental problem, the plastic pollution the world is facing now is the price of over consumption and irresponsible consumption. Even if "degradable plastics" can be recycled into industrial compost to solve the problem of degradation, the consumption of "degradable plastics" is ultimately the consumption of environmental resources. From this perspective, we need to consider how to reduce the source of excessive consumption.
But we can not deny that degradable plastics may be a development trend in the future.